4 February 2021

Exhibition 'CARME PINÓS - Settings for life'


6 February 2020

New headquarters of I.Ceram

Estudio Carme Pinós will design the new headquarters of I.Ceram, ‘l’Usine du Futur 4.0’, in Limoges (France)

12 December 2019

Reial Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts de Barcelona

Carme Pinós new numerary academic of the RACAB


22 October 2019

Housing Block at La Gardunya Square

Opening of the new building in Barcelona (Spain)


12 July 2019

Medal of Honor 2019 from "Xarxa Vives d’Universitats"

Carme Pinós receives the award in appreciation for her professional career and her commitment to Catalan sciences and culture.


23 April 2019

Hotel Son Brull

Opening of the Hotel Son Brull’s extension and renovation in Mallorca (Spain)


9 October 2018

Opening: MPAVILION 2018

For its fifth edition, the Naomi Milgrom Foundation called upon Carme Pinós to design the Mpavilion, a temporary structure that offers a space for events and a meeting place in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.
Queen Victoria Gardens, Melbourne, Australia, October 9, 2018 - February 3, 2019
Photo: © John Gollings


15 June 2018

Exhibition: Environment[al]

Estudio Carme Pinós participates in Environment[al], a group exhibition showcasing the work of architects, designers and landscape architects curated by Herwig Baumgartner and Marcelyn Gow.
SCI-Arc Gallery, Los Angeles, June 15 - August 26, 2018


12 June 2018

XII Premi Gaudí Gresol

Carme Pinós receives the "XII Premi Gaudí Gresol a la Notorietat i l'Excel·lència" in the field of Architecture.


23 May 2018

Biennale Architettura 2018 “Freespace”

Estudio Carme Pinós, invited by Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara.
Cube, Office tower (Guadalajara, Mexico), Model 1/50.
Photo: © Imagen Subliminal, Miguel de Guzmán & Rocío Romero


8 March 2018

ARVHA 2015-2017

Exhibition of the awarded ARVHA, French Award for Women Architects
Alliance française. Venice Italy. 2018


22 February 2018

Exhibition - Journey through the works of Carme Pinós

February 22-April 21 2018
At UC Berkeley, California. USA


12 February 2018

MPavilion 2018, will be designed by Carme Pinós ((Melbourne, Australia)

We're thrilled to announce that the fifth MPavilion, arriving in spring 2018, will be designed by Carme Pinós of Estudio Carme Pinós, Barcelona.

MPavilion will be sited in the Queen Victoria Gardens, in the centre of the Southbank Arts Precinct commissioned by the Naomi Milgrom Foundation each year, with support from City of Melbourne and the Victorian Government.


11 December 2017

International Award woman in Architecture - France

ARVHA, Paris. Association for Research on the City and Habitat


1 December 2017

Homenaje ArpaFIL - The Guadalajara International Book Fair

Tribute to Carme Pinós in the The Guadalajara International Book Fair in recognition of her contribution to the artistic enhancement of cultural heritage.


18 September 2017

La Massana School of Arts in Barcelona

Opening of "La Massana" - School of Arts in Barcelona


1 June 2017

Catalan Government Headquarters in Tortosa (Spain)

Opening of the new building


13 March 2017

Jaquelin T. Robertson Visiting Professorship in Architecture at the University of Virgina

Carme Pinós will be the Jaquelin T. Robertson Visiting Professor in Architecture at University of Virginia this spring. Established by Walter S. Robertson Jr. in honor of Jaquelin T. Robertson, who served as dean from 1980 to 1988, the professorship aims to attract scholars and professionals from outside the Architecture School in order to promote a more diverse and international faculty.

10 March 2017

Lecture Caixa Forum Zaragoza

Carme Pinós will present the Caixa Forum Zaragoza building at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. This poroject has recieved numerous awrds, among them the XXX Premio García Mercadal.
May 10th 2017
10:00 am
Auditorio Arquitectura UC
Campus Lo Contador. El Comendador 1916, Providencia


2 March 2017

Exhibition: DETAILS, architecture seen in section

The "DETAILS, architecture seen in section" project will be presented at Hochschule Luzern (Switzerland). The exhibition "DETAILS, architecture seen in section" will open on Thursday, March 2, 2017, at 6 PM with a lecture by Marcel Pola (Studio Märkli, Zürich) and Prof. Marco Pogacnik (IUAV University, Venice). The exhibition will stay open until March 21, 2017.
March 2nd, 2017
6:00 PM
Hochschule Luzern – Technik & Architektur
Campus Horw, Technikumstrasse 21
6048 Horw (Luzern)


19 January 2017

Exhibition: El encuentro entre proyecto y producto

The publication Tectónica, recently transformed into digital medium, and the COAM (Official College of Architects of Madrid) have put together an exhibition to examine the application of construction solutions in relevant projects and they have chosen the roof made of aged zinc of the posterior façade of the Boquería Market as one of the projects. The exhibition can be seen in the Galería de Materiales del COAM.
January 19th to April 19th 2017
Monday-Friday, 9:30 am to 6:00 pm


14 November 2016

Recipient of the Neutra Award for Professional Excellence. Cal Poly Pomona University. California. US.

Carme Pinós will receive the Neutra Award for Professional Excellence, the annual honor bestowed to groundbreaking practitioners by the College of Environmental Design and Department of Architecture.The Neutra medal recognizes the contributions of those who have dedicated their careers toward researching and developing new environments in which to work, live and play.


24 October 2016

Interview at the Ateneu Barcelonès

Invited to participate in the cycle “Amb ulls de dona” (“Through Women’s Eyes”). Interviewer: Rosa Gil.


22 October 2016

48H Open House Barcelona 2016

Metro station “Zona Universitària” (L9) and instituto La LLauna in Badalona, guests of the architectural festival 48H Open House Barcelona 2016. October 22nd-23rd.


13 October 2016

Lecture at the BIA-AR 2016. Córdoba, Argentina.

Carme Pinós invited to lecture at the International Biennal of Architecture in Córdoba, Argentina.


11 October 2016

Jury of the French Architecture Price

French prize awarded by a jury under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Culture to an architect, or an architectural firm, for recognition of an outstanding contribution to architecture. In 2016 the prize has been awarded to Jean-Marc Ibos and Myrto Vitart.


9 October 2016

Cube2 and Rio Blanco Pavillion into the TOP 100 of Archdaily Mexico

Archdaily Mexico highlighted the Cube 2 building and the Rio Blanco Pavillion between the 100 most important works of the Mexican architecture.


4 October 2016

Carme Pinós lecture in CCLBlanquerna. Madrid, Spain.

Carme Pinós opens the cycle "New Architectures for New Horizons" with architects Enrique Sobejano and Alberto Veiga at the Cultural Centre-Llibreria Blanquerna of Madrid.


15 September 2016

Escola Massana Project at Barcelona Design Museum

Currently under construction in Barcelona Old City, the Escola Massana Project is displayed at temporary exhibition “Brick by Brick: Ceramics Applied to Architecture”. Open to 29 January 2017.


13 September 2016

Carme Pinós awarded 2016 Berkeley-Rupp Prize

Carme Pinós is the 2016 recipient of the Berkeley-Rupp Prize for her outstanding design, vibrant intellectualism, dedication to public architecture and landscape in the public realm, and support of women-led economic development embody all that we strive to cultivate with this prize


22 July 2016

Opening of the new Crematorium of Igualada. Igualada, Barcelona.

Designed by the architect Carme Pinós, is integrated into the architectural site of the Igualada New Cemetery, designed by Enric Miralles and Carme Pinós.


27 June 2016

W.A.V.E 2016 International Architecture Workshop in Venice.

Organized by the University IUAV of Venice.

June 27th to July 15th 2016


13 June 2016

Summer Exhibition 2016. Royal Academy, London

Exhibition of scale model for the Crematorium in Igualada’s cemetery.
The Royal Academy of Arts, London.

June 13th to August 21st 2016


11 June 2016

Visit of the Crematorium in Igualada’s cemetery

Organized by AxA - Arquitectes per Arquitectura, with guided tour of the architect and author Carme Pinós


9 June 2016


Hydraulic tile “Mallorca”, HUGUET. Designed by Carme Pinós.


8 June 2016

« La peau des villes. Quand les photographes se font passeurs d'architecture »

Carme Pinós and Marta Gili, Art critic and Director of the Jeu de Paume
La Cité de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine. Paris, France.
Architectural creation platform - 2016 - Season 2.

Wednesday June 8th 2016, 19:00


10 May 2016

Carme Pinós lecture in COACMAB. Albacete, Spain.

Lecture at “Chispazos de talentos” program.
Tuesday 10 May 2016, 20:00 h. Event room.


1 April 2016


Hydraulic tile “Mallorca”, HUGUET. Designed by Carme Pinós.

31 March 2016

Debate Carme Pinós versus Marc Barani

Platform architectural creation.
Two teams of architects, one french and the other from a European country are confronted every three months at the "Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine" in Paris.


13 November 2015

Carme Pinós lecture in School of Architecture of the University of Navarra

Lecture at “Arquitecturas de Autor” program 2015-16.
12:15h Aula Magna, School of Architecture of the University of Navarra. Architecture Building. 31080 Pamplona.


10 November 2015

Exhibition Carme Pinós recent work in School of Architecture of the University of Navarra

“Arquitecturas de Autor” program 2015-16.
From November 10th to December 7TH 2015


5 November 2015

Details – Architecture seen in Section

The IUAV University of Venice, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, commissioned 'DETAILS: Architecture Seen in Section', an exhibition which shows the project for the CaixaForum Museum, Auditorium and Cultural Center in Zaragoza.

Grande Galerie of the Ecole d’architecture de Paris-Belleville.
From 6 November 11 to 27 November

http://www.detailsinsection.org/?p=845 .

3 November 2015


Caixaforum Zaragoza - Design Category Winner
European Polycarbonate Sheets Extruders group (EPSE)


23 October 2015

Inauguration Biomass Boiler in Saint – Dizier, France

Rue des Minières, business areas Pré-Moinot, Saint-Dizier
Friday, October 23 at 11am


16 October 2015

Carme Pinós lecture in Monterrey Design Conference

Asilomar Conference Grounds


5 October 2015

Architecture Award “Fernando García Mercadal”

Caixaforum Zaragoza, Spain
Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Aragón


3 October 2015

Carme Pinos interview on the television program “La mitad invisible”

Discover the secrets of Igualada Cemetery, designed by Enric Miralles and Carme Pinos
At 20:00 in La 2 of TVE


2 June 2015

Exhibition: “A building, how many lives?”

Exhibition: “A building, how many lives?”
Part Three: “Transformation as act of creation”
Cité de l'architecture & du patrimoine - Palais de Chaillot
7, avenue Albert de Mun, Paris 16e
Wednesday 3th June – Monday 28th September 2015


7 May 2015


Asprima (Madrid’s Association of Real Estate Developers) and Planner Exhibitions (organizer of the Madrid International Real Estate Exhibition, SIMA) held the 12th ASPRIMA-SIMA Awards in which they honored the VALLECAS 70 project as the best new publicly-funded housing development. The award recognizes the subtlety of the building, which combines an optimal solution for living spaces with a public landscaped area which opens up through large passageways, contributing to the generation of a unique environment.


14 April 2015


Highest recognition awarded by the Catalan Goverment, which distinguishes persons or entities for their cultural and social services in Catalunya.


9 April 2015

Presentation of the book CARME PINÓS ARQUITECTURAS by Daniela Colafranceschi, edited by Gustavo Gili.

Carme Pinós, Daniela Colafranceschi, Pedro Azara and Juanjo Lahuerta will be participating in the event.
At 8 pm at the Gustavo Gili Publishing House in Barcelona (Carrer Rosselló, 87-89)

26 March 2015

Presentation in Mallorca of the book Carme Pinós. Arquitecturas and of the OBJECTS collection by Estudio Carme Pinós, jointly with the hydraulic floor series “Mallorca” created for the firm Huguet.

To coincide with the publication of the book Carme Pinós. Arquitecturas, edited by Gustavo Gili, journalist Andreu Manresa will chair a conversation between Carme Pinós and Josep Quetglas in which they will discuss recurring issues and concerns that have marked the architect’s work.
The event will take place at the Juncosa showroom in the Polígon Can Valero at 7:30 p.m.


24 March 2015

Laying of the first stone of the new Massana School of Arts and progress in the works of the Gardunya Square and the Boqueria Market.

27 February 2015

Carme Pinós Shortlisted for 2015 Women in Architecture Awards

The Women in Architecture awards are granted by The Architects' Journal and recognise the contribution of international women architects in the sphere of innovation, creativity, theory and design.


24 February 2015

EXPORT. "Arquitectura española en el extranjero"

From 18th February to 17th May 2015
The EXPORT Exhibition: Spanish Architecture Abroad aims to show the current State of What Practising Architecture Overseas represents. This is a project by the architect and commissioner Edgar González for the ICO Museum. Carme Pinós Studio contributes with the Departments Building in the WU Campus in Vienna (Austria), a summer House in Rio Blanco (México) and the Cube II Office Tower in Guadalajara (Mexico).


24 February 2015


Departments Bulilding in WU Campus in Vienna, in non-residential building category
Summerhouse in Río Blanco in Guadalajara, in residential building category

Col·legi d’arquitectes de Catalunya


23 February 2015

Guest professor at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture Paris-Malaquais

February 2015 – June 2015


11 February 2015

Details – Architecture seen in Section

The IUAV University of Venice, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, commissioned 'DETAILS: Architecture Seen in Section', an exhibition which shows the project for the CaixaForum Museum, Auditorium and Cultural Center in Zaragoza.

From February 11 to February 27
Spazio Mostre Guido Nardi. Politecnico di Milano. Scuola di Architettura e Società. Via Andrea Maria Ampère, 2. Milano.


21 January 2015

Carme Pinós Lecture in Fundación Luis Seoane, A Coruña

“Objects. Diseño y arquitectura”
Invited by Fundación Luis Seoane. Architecture Course: “Acerca da integración das artes”.
Carme Pinós will give a lecture on her recent work.

21th January 2015, 18:30pm
Fundación Luis Seoane, c/ San Francisco 27, A Coruña (Spain)


8 January 2015

Member of the Trophée Béton Jury. Paris.

8 January 2015


November 2014

Caixaforum Zaragoza in detail

The IUAV University of Venice, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano, commissioned 'DETAILS: Architecture Seen in Section', an exhibition which shows the project for the CaixaForum Museum, Auditorium and Cultural Center in Zaragoza.

From Novembre 24 to December 12
Cà Tron, Santa Croce 1957, Venice


November 2014

Caixaforum Zaragoza shortlisted for the Mies Awards

The Caixaforum Museum, Auditorium and Cultural Center in Zaragoza has been shortlisted for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies can der Rohe awarded to the best architectural work in Europe completed in the preceding two years.


16 October 2014

Carme Pinós Lecture in Toledo

Carme Pinós will give the lecture on her recent work.

October 16, 5pm
Edificio 1, Campus Tecnológico de la Fábrica de Armas, Toledo (Spain)

September 2014

CaixaForum Saragossa in the Beijing Design Week 2014

CaixaForum Saragossa in the Beijing Design Week 2014
The exhibition ' 7x7 IBERIAN ARCHITECTURE ' will show videos made by architects as part of Beijing Design Week . Carme Pinós will participate in the event with a video about the cultural center CaixaForum Saragossa, recently opened to the public.

From September 26 to October 3
Sanlitun Palace

July 2014

The Cube Tower I Shortlisted for the MCHAP

The office tower Cube I (Guadalajara, Mexico) has been shortlisted for the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize (the MCHAP) awarded to the best architectural work in the Americas completed in the preceding two years. The finalists and the winner of the MCHAP will be announced on July 9th. The Jury includes Kenneth Frampton, Wiel Arets and Dominique Perrault among others.


27 June 2014

Opening of the Caixaforum Zaragoza

The Caixaforum cultural center in Zaragoza will open on June 27th.
The building has been designed as a unique work. It was placed as a sculptural element at the entrance of the park, becoming a door and connecting at the same time two parts of the city which until then had remained separate. The plan was to create a public space – both outside and inside the building.
The project includes exhibition halls, conference rooms, a café-restaurant with panoramic views and a multi-purpose auditorium with a capacity of 250.

June 2014

"La Llauna" at the Venice Biennale

The refurbishment of La Llauna - a project designed and executed by Carme Pinós and Enric Miralles between 1984 and 1991 and which consisted in transforming a factory located in Badalona into a high school – is one of the projects which will be exhibited in the ‘Grafting Architecture’ Exhibition. This exhibition is part of the Venice Biennale and is included in the ‘Eventi Collaterali’ of the International Architecture Exhibition.

Opening: June 5, 6:30 p.m. (Cantieri Navali, Calle Quintavalle, Castello 40)


June 2014

Hydraulic floor design in OBJECTS

OBJECTS showroom by Carme Pinós hosts the exhibition on HUGUET hydraulic floors, which includes works jointly made by architects and designers. The floor series “Mallorca” designed by Carme Pinós is part of the exhibition.

Opening: June 12, 7:30 p.m. (Sant Pere Màrtir 28, Barcelona)
-Until July 30-


May 2014

Work starts on the urban development of the Gardunya Square in Barcelona.

The project includes the public space located above the new underground parking lot and the new back façade of the Boqueria Market. Works on the adjacent buildings – an apartment building and the new Massana School of Arts – also designed by Estudio Carme Pinós, are expected to begin in 2015.

February 2014

OBJECTS in the exhibition: “XL/xs, Designed by Architects”

From February 12th to March 12th the cultural center La Rambleta (Valencia) hosts an exhibition which brings together some of the most iconic designs of recent years with the aim of showing and documenting the valuable contribution to design made by architects.
OBJECTS by Estudio Carme Pinós exhibits some of its most versatile pieces, such as the NIMO tables and the MONI shelves.


January 2014

Caixaforum Zaragoza receives the ACHE Award

The CaixaForum Zaragoza building has won the ACHE (Scientific-Technical Association of Structural Concrete) Structural Engineering Award in the Building category.
This prize is awarded jointly to developers, designers and builders and aims to reward Spanish works which have been fully finished during the past three years and which stand out for aspects such as techniques used, innovation, level of integration within the environment, aesthetics, quality and social value.


January 2014

The Art of Construction in Spain

The exhibition - held from January 15th to February 15th at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome - shows photographs of the CaixaForum building in Zaragoza taken by Ricardo Santonja.
Although the project’s starting point is the undeniable potential of the photographic image as a tool for promoting Architecture, it searches for an identity of its own which transforms the image into a supreme subject - something with the capacity of going beyond the particular work to make us reflect about Architecture as a whole.

September 2013

Official opening of the new campus of Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU)

Opening of the new campus, which includes the Departments building designed by Estudio Carme Pinós. The campus is also home to other buildings created by acclaimed international architects such as Zaha Hadid, Peter Cook, Hitoshi Abe, Eduardo Arroyo (NOMAD) and BUSarchitektur.


July 2013

Completion of the construction works for the social housing block in the district of Vallecas

After two years, construction works for the Social Housing block in the district of Vallecas (Madrid) have been completed.
The project is a volumetric game where the shadows formed by the different spaces provide the formal expression of the building. The large porticoes running through the building reveal the vegetation in the inner courtyard to passers-by and articulate the transition between public and private space.

June 2013

Award for Best Professional Career

Carme Pinós receives the Best Professional Career Award granted by the Via Group.
The 4th A-plus Architecture Award jury met on Wednesday May 15th in Barcelona where they announced the shortlist for these awards, which serve as a platform to publicize the talent and creativity of Spanish architects.